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VR.World is a powerful cloud processing platform that provides all the tools you need to upload, process, view and share your 3D VR and 360 degree content


Publish and share your data using the latest VR ready technology

The VR.World app is the simple solution to capture, upload, process, review and share your big data capture.
Advanced features are available through the VR.World website login such as account management, machine learning tools, analytics and more. Free trials coming soon.

Big Data Player

Our big data player allows you to provide an immersive viewing experience on most devices including cardboard and VR headsets. The ‘play mode’ within the player streams a fast, interactive, 360 video experience for any part of the route. You can customise the player experience to your taste and can be easily embedded within your website.

Immersive 3D WEB VR Player

To enable a true VR experience, your data needs to be captured in 3D. This can be done with the new NCTech Virtual Reality Camera (coming soon) or from LiDAR and structured light scanner systems. VR.World supports multiple 3D formats including meshes, colour point-clouds and obj. Our 3D Player for web will allow you to view the data in stunning 3D on almost any device, allowing you to roam around as if you were there in person.

Interactive Virtual Tour Player

Our standard image player allows you to present your panoramic images from most camera systems in a immersive interactive viewer, on computers, smartphones and 3D VR headsets. With just a few clicks you can add custom annotations, external links, pdfs, videos and shopping carts to enhance the user experience.

Extract Measurements from Images and 3D Models

From within our Tour Player, you can enable options for the user to drag and measure objects. Ideal for measuring up doorways and windows. Volumetric estimated measurements are also possible.

Leverage the power of Machine Learning and AI

Our image processing enables users to understand the content of an image by utilising our powerful machine learning. It quickly classifies images and street furniture into thousands of categories such as “street”, “stadium”, “bridge”. It detects individual objects, street signs, shop signs and faces within images. We add these details to your geospatial database — thus enabling marketing scenarios through image sentiment analysis — making it ideal for Smart Cities and city planners.

Classification Detection

Detect broad sets of categories ranging from modes of transportation to animals
Detect explicit content like adult content or violent content
Detect popular product logos
Detect popular natural and man-made structures

Detect and extract text, with support for a broad range of languages
Detect multiple faces and the associated key facial attributes, emotional state, wearing headwear
Facial Recognition is not supported

Developer API Integrations

We continue to grow the features of our processing, players and delivery but we also encourage an open platform for developers to add value services through our API’s. If you are a developer and you are interested in integrating VR.World as part of your platform/workflow then please contact us for more information.

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