Adjustable Adapter Rod 70–105mm

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Used in conjunction with the Fixed Tribrach adapter to position iSTAR at the same NPP (No Parallax Point) as the scanner.

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The Adjustable Adapter Rod allows iSTAR to be positioned at the same NPP (No Parallax Point) of a laser scanner.

Adjustable Adapter Rods require the Fixed Tribrach Adapter and are used with the following scanners:

  • Topcon GLS-2000: 100–165mm Rod (NCT-MP01) @ 7mm (107mm extended)
  • Leica C10 / P20 / P40: 100–165mm Rod (NCT-MP01) @ 35mm (135mm extended)
  • Trimble TX8: 100–165mm Rod (NCT-MP01) @ 46.1mm (146.1mm extended)
  • HDS6000: 150–265mm Rod (NCT-MP03) @ 42mm (192mm extended)
  • HDS7000: 150–265mm Rod (NCT-MP03) @ 20mm (170mm extended)
  • Surphaser: 70–105mm Rod (NCT-MP05) @ 0mm (nil extension)

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