The iSTAR camera benefits from precision calibration, enabling it to be used for high accuracy applications. One such example is the new NCTech Measurement Module which provides point-to-point measurement functionality, from within the iSTAR immersive 360° view, when a pair of images is captured with a known vertical offset.

We recommend 60cm for optimal results. While it’s possible to set an offset value of less than 60cm, accuracy of results may be less than optimal at lower values.


The accuracy performance specifications achieved by the iSTAR Measurement Module is documented in this Application Note here. Further Applications Notes are available detailing the user workflow of the integrated third-party software.

iSTAR measurement capture
Third-party open strategy

iSTAR Measurement Module functionality is offered as part of the NCTech SDK, rather than as a standalone software application.

This open strategy makes the highly valuable NCTech functionality more universally and synergistically accessible from within existing third-party software, rather than from one specific and discrete software application.

Measurement capture
Measurement Module requires images to be captured with iSTAR latest firmware. Download here


Zero cost

NCTech’s customer focussed philosophy means that the SDK is offered at zero cost to the integrator and in-turn dictates that the NCTech SDK integrated functionality is offered for zero additional cost to the user.


For more details of how to access the NCTech SDK for integration of the Measurement Module or other SDK functionality, see the SDK Integration page.


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Integrated parties:

veesus arena4D logo

Arena4D, cross platform point cloud rendering engine for large point cloud data sets now incorporating iSTAR 360 image Measurement Module.

arithmetica logo

SphereVision platform for importing of 360 content from various camera/sensor systems, now integrated with iSTAR Measurement Module.