iSTAR Pulsar

Technical Specifications

The Most Advanced Big Data Capture System

iSTAR Pulsar has been designed from the ground up to produce the highest resolution
and crisp clear detail at up to an incredible 7 images per second. Made possible only by collaboration with Intel and Sony
to develop new drivers for the very latest sensors and Intel processors.

iSTAR Pulsar has two main processor boards, both synchronised to 1ms and computes the vast
volume of data during capture. The fast internal solid state drive then stores the encrypted data. 

Key Technical Specifications

Dimensions 118 x 118 x 143mm (191mm with antenna)
Weight 2.1Kg
360 Resolution 60.5MP (11000 x 5500px — 2:1 ratio)
Storage 256GB SSD
System Extended OSC API
Image Recording Format Proprietary Encrypted File Format
Output File Formats MP4, PNGCAMM
Frame Rate Up to 7fps
Sensor 4 x Sony Exmor RS
Sensor Size 4 x 12.3MP (3042 x 4062)
Lens 4 x f/2.6 fisheye lenses
FOV 360 x 145° +/- 5 deg

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

Power 12v DC
Wireless Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2T2R)
GPS U‑BLOX Neo M8N (up to 3 GNSS)
GPS Antenna Multi GNSS Helicore
IMU 6‑axis
Magnetometer 3‑axis
CPUs 2 x Apollo Lake
Casing CNC Hard Anodised Aluminium
IP Rating IP64
Regulatory Compliance CE, FCC, RoHS
Operating Temperature 0 — 40 Celsius
Shipping Box Size and Weight 33 x 21 x 26cm — 3.6Kg

iSTAR Pulsar Comparison Table

There are two models of iSTAR Pulsar, Pulsar and Pulsar Plus. Each version comes
packaged with options for publishing and managing your data via our cloud platform, VR.World.
Additionally, iSTAR Pulsar Plus has a USB‑C port to allow data to be transferred to a external hard drive for offline processing.

Choose how your data is processed. Your data can be processed
on a pay-as-you-go plan online via our VR.World platform. Alternatively,
with iSTAR Pulsar Plus, you can also choose to process your data locally using our SDK via an annual license.

Features  iSTAR Pulsar  iSTAR Pulsar Plus
Price $3,995 $7,995
Online processing via VR.World*
Store and download data
Publish to Google Street View
Geospatial spacing
Time interval spacing
Transfer data to USB‑C SSD
Offline processing (requires annual license)
Sync to external GPS/IMU
Data encryption
Embedded GPS