Frequently asked questions

Can I use iSTAR Pulsar indoors, for Inside SV?

iSTAR Pulsar has not been developed for Interior GSV capture. iSTAR Pulsar requires a GPS Lock and reception to ensure placement accuracy when publishing data to GSV; This can often be an issue when operating indoors due to the lack of GPS reception.

Can I use iSTAR Pulsar to capture single pano photospheres for Google Street View?

The single pano capture is not currently available at this time.

How much will it cost to process my data?

All pricing can be found at

Can I extract measurement information from iSTAR Pulsar data?

Yes. The data from iSTAR Pulsar+ can be imported into a number of third party software applications . iSTAR Pulsar+ lets you import your data directly into Orbit GT via a dedicated import process, allowing accurate measurements and visualisation of routes and locations.

Can I create 3D models from iSTAR Pulsar imagery?

Yes. iSTAR Pulsar + data sets can be imported into third party applications such Cupix to render 3D points clouds. 

Can I process my imagery locally rather than using the cloud service?

Yes. We offer both cloud based processing of data and localised offline processing with iSTAR Pulsar+. View our data plans.

How accurate is the GPS data tagged against my iSTAR Pulsar data? and can I use an external GPS device in conjunction?

The GPS accuracy is 2.5 metres. Additional accuracy can be achieved by connecting a external higher specification GPS device.