Disaster Documentation — Site Tour 360

Florida & Alabama, USA

The Ability to efficiently collect large volumes of Geo-referenced image data is a relatively new development, and has only been made possible by technology like iSTAR Pulsar.”

[Mike Vorce, President, Site Tour 360]

Asset Management — Icon Spatial


In the past, organisations have performed this kind of asset management manually and infrequently. A car-mounted solution like iSTAR Pulsar makes this much faster and easier. And now lower cost than ever before too.”

[Jason Clark, Director, Icon Spatial]

Construction site documentation — Underhill Geomatics

Vancouver, Canada

Using the iSTAR 360 imaging system has been critical to providing foresight to data management considerations over the complete lifecycle of this project. Using such an efficient and consistent method of image documentation, means that we are sure to deliver within both an accurate and competitive cost-structure for our customer.”

[Chris El-Araj, Principal, Underhill Geomatics Ltd.]

Architecture Surveys — Formby Surveys

Westminster London

At Formby Surveys, we have been using the iSTAR 360 degree imaging for a couple of years to help with maximising our time when surveying a site. Whether we need to survey every room in a hotel, or an architecturally significant site such as One Great George Street; the iSTAR helps reduce our field times and improves the quality of product to our client”

[Andy Roberts, Managing Director, Formby Surveys]

3D Documentation — Ruxton Surveys

Wixford — Warwickshire

The whole process with iSTAR takes less than a minute per scan to capture a perfect image,” said Ruxton. “So we estimate that iSTAR is saving us more than 30% in our total scanning time.”

[Ben Ruxton, Surveyor]

3D Documentation — Precision Surveys

Dublin architecture

The colour output is incredible and can actually provide our clients with such confidence in the accuracy of their images that they may not even require a confirmation visit to the site.”

[David Buffini, Director Precision Surveys]

3D Documentation — Digital Surveys

RRS Discovery / Gibraltar cave

We have three different scanners each of which is fitted with a bracket on to which we mount the iSTAR and it works well with all of them.”

[Ben Bennet, CTO Digital Surveys]

Real Estate Photography

Jim Sharp Photography

The HDR quality is a pre-requisite for the real estate sector, so it’s amazing to be able to capture such high quality images so quickly.”

[Jim Sharp]

Law enforcement — Derbyshire Police

Collision and criminal investigation

This, for me, is ground-breaking and something we could never have imagined would make our crime or accident scene reporting so detailed”

[Paul Moorcroft. Forensic collision investigator]

Visualising Environments — Plowman Craven

Inspection and Content management

NCTech makes my job easier. It also allows interactions on site with the device through the Site Surveyor application which reduces the time needed for presentation preparation”

[Marta Wren, Technical Specialist]

3D Documentation — Maltby Surveys

Alexandra Palace / Worthing Pier

iSTAR was very impressive. It’s size, ease of use, portability and image quality make it a worthy companion for our FARO Focus Laser Scanners”

[Andrew Maltby MRICS. Director, Maltby Surveys.]

3D Documentation — Survey Operations

St Paul Cathedral / St Mary Magdalene Church

Getting jobs done quickly and effectively is our priority. We have 212 surveys on our system at present and we are using iSTAR every week”

[Dave Birchal. CAD Room Manager]

3D Documentation — TerraDat

Topcon GLS-2000 scan colourisation

We use the iSTAR every other day — we’ve always got scanning jobs on — and it always goes out on them… it’s such a useful and quick tool for getting a representation of what’s there”

[Nick Rusill, Co-founder and Managing Director at TerraDat]

Law enforcement — Warwickshire Police

Collision investigation

To us iSTAR was a revelation! It has become one of the first bits of kit that comes out of the car and is used by every member of the team”

[Colin Humphreys, Forensic collision investigator]

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Using iSTAR — Extract from In Attendance

Its portability is great. We can get it set up in a couple of minutes and get real time info, rather than wait 15 or 20 minutes while a laser scanner does its work. iSTAR’s almost instant. I can take an image as soon as I get there, then another every, say, five minutes, and get a picture of the incident progresses.”

[Damian Watts, Station Manager]